Building management / Property renting

Our services cover all types of real estate items such as rental properties, subsidized housing, family houses, flats, but also commercial spaces and offices. Because we provide a personalized approach, thanks to a human-sized team, you will find with us a full complement of professional services related to real estate management. 


Flat properties

Thanks to our privileged relationship with co-owners, we can make them benefit from our coordination and mediation talents so that all of the parties involved enjoy good relations and an optimal building and assets management. Our team and our interventions are geared toward respecting each party's interests to make sure that the pool of interests that are part of a co-ownership results in a successful relationship and does not become an obstacle to the rights of each owner.



Take advantage of our network of professionals who cover all of the Lake Geneva area to close any type of real estate transaction, whether renting properties or individual, common or luxury items. We approach the market in a strategic and targeted manner to bring your property to the right channels, avoiding overexposition. Our sales processes respect your interests and protect your personal information.

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