• Showcase of the item (for first rentals)
  • Visits and putting up for rental
  • Selection of the candidates
  • Establishing the rent amount
  • Defining the rental agreement
  • Assessment of the condition of the premises
  • Handling of regular and early terminations
  • Handling of contentious situations and litigation, representing the lessor in front of the conciliation office and other legal entities


  • Maintenance and constant surveillance of the condition of the premises and of their technical conformity to laws and regulations
  • Selection of accredited entrepreneurs according to quality and pricing criteria
  • Handling of the repairs and emergency work
  • Declaring and settling disaster situations
  • Concierge services
  • Relations with various authorities and public services


  • The general contractors who act as our collaborators and partners are able to do sanitation, renovation and property expansion works.
  • Producing reports on the condition of the building
  • Work proposals
  • Technical and legal feasibility studies according to laws and regulations in effect
  • Establishing a budget
  • Calculating the appreciation rate against the rent
  • Organization and monitoring until the work is finished


  • Invoicing of rent and charges
  • Monitoring of heating, hot water, and other fees
  • Keeping track of payments and managing conflicts
  • Establishing rental status, owner's operations account and management accounts